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Paso WTA50

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Paso WTA50 with shoulder strap, Built-in rechargeable batteries and wireless mic (Choose handheld or lapel) Click to view PDF
MW326 $187
16 channel UHF Handheld transmitter
MW323 $187
16 channel UHF bodypack transmitter with lapel mic
ML63 $46
Paso ML63 replacement Lapel mic for MW323/293 bodypack
MC63 $60
Paso MC63 Colar mic for MW323/293 bodypack
MHS63 $60
MHS63 Headset Microphone for MW323/293 bodypack
ACC100 $43
Microphone Accessory Carrying Case
Paso MRCSD Channel Selector Screwdriver
S15 $16
Paso S15 Mic stand clip for wireless handheld mic
TC63 $12
Paso TC63 Replacement tie clip for ML63 lapel mic
WP163 $25
Paso WP163 Aerobic Waist Pouch for MW293

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