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***Amplivox S222 $329***

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Amplivox S222 AUDIO PORTABLE BUDDY - S805A 50-watt multi media stereo amp, one 6-in. x 8-in. built-in speaker; S2031 prof. cardioid/unidirectional, dynamic handheld mic with 15-ft. cable. Includes computer & stereo interface cables. Dimensions: 11 x 13- x 4-. $329
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***Accessories ***

Amplivox S1222 $ 78
EZ Tote Companion Speaker - One 6-in. x 8-in. speaker built into rugged case with handle, 40-ft. cord. Matches Audio Portable Buddy.
Amplivox S1460 $ 82
Int'l AC Adapter/Recharger - 110/240 volt, 50/60Hz. 15-volt center positive, 2 amps, 7--ft cord. For S805A/SW805A amplifiers only.
Amplivox S1465 $ 125
NiCad Battery Pack - Heavy duty rechargeable - up to 20 hrs. talk time, for S805A/ SW805A amps - requires S1460 AC Adapter/ Recharger.
Amplivox S2030 $ 42
Lapel Mic - Condenser/omnidirectional, 40-in. cord & 12-ft. extension, Lapel clip. Used with S805A/SW805A amps or S1600 wireless. XLR to -in.
Amplivox S2031 $ 60
Handheld Mic - Cardioid/unidirectional, dynamic mic 15-ft. XLR to -in. cord.
Amplivox S2040 $ 42
Headset Mic - Condenser/omnidirectional, 40" cord w/12-ft. extension.

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